13th Annual Professional Development Summit

Parent Empowerment Summit

The Power of A Parent’s Voice

“The most powerful weapon that a parent possesses is their voice. The power of voice is both underrated and understated. This workshop focuses on ways that parents can actively and effectively engage in advocacy.”


Lori L Hayes

Talking to your Children about Race & Racism

Led by UCLA Professor Tyrone Howard, this session shares strategies, approaches, and resources adults can use to engage children in learning and talking about race and racism.

Recent national events have revealed a serious need to engage youth in age considerate, developmentally appropriate conversations about race and racism. Professor Howard’s research on race and culture has been recognized nationally. He will share why race and racism are important topics to discuss with children from ages as young as 3-years-old. Additional resources will be offered for those participants looking for supplemental information.


Tyrone Howard
Professor, UCLA Graduate, School of Education

The A-G Road to College

It’s more important than ever for California parents to understand the class requirements local students must meet in order to be eligible to apply to a four-year public or private college/university. This workshop explains the academic road to college by exploring the A-G high-school courses students must complete to meet to apply to college.


Kymberly Taylor
African American Parent, Involvement Specialist, Moreno Valley Unified School District

Patty Rucker
Coordinator of Student Services, Moreno Valley Unified School District

Helping Kids Navigate Crisis- Critical Conversations for Parents on Civil Unrest and Racial Injustice

This workshop helps parents to better engage in critical conversations with their kids on ways to navigate crisis, express their feelings on civil unrest, and explain the impact of racial injustice. Parents will walk away with tools they can use to talk with their children about these issues without creating a sense of marginalization.


Dr. Patrcia Brent-Sanco
Director, Equity and Access, Lynwood USD

Lenora Anson

Larry Reed

Shirley Davis

Strategies to Develop an African American Parent Advisory Council (AAPAC)

This session shares data and resources supporting the ways in which AAPACs can be effective in strengthening parent advocacy, involvement and communication. Presenters will share best practices, resources, and success stories of describing the ways that the Moreno Valley Unified School District has developed AAPACs at their school sites and the district African American Advisory Council (AAAC).


Lisa C. Broomfield
Director of Categorical Programs and GATE, Moreno Valley USD

Dr. Martinrex Kedziora
Superintendent, Moreno Valley USD

Leslie Settle
Parent, Moreno Valley USD

CAAASA Presents Virtual

CAAASA Virtual Youth Summit for African American and Other Youth of Color

Music ⁠– ⁠Esports ⁠–⁠ Youth Summit

Youth Summit Agenda

Opening Welcome

Dr. Camp

Keynote Speaker

Griot B – is the Schoolyard Rap artist who will motivate students through teaching and entertaining them using history, math, and social studies grade level content standards and skills. His “Black Made That” is famous. School Yard Rap is a black owned company, established in 2015, which specializes in creating educational content and curriculum through the lens of History.

Griot BGriot B

Math Jeopardy

A virtual game that focuses on math standards – students in grades 7th-12th grade will compete in a virtual math jeopardy game for prizes.


Moses Holley

Esports Competition

A virtual sports competition that can be played or watched online. Students will learn skills that can be used for any career, video editing, graphic designing, streaming – commentating, live engagement with fans, e-commerce skills, marketing skills, and they would learn how to effectively create videos.


Darvis Anderson

Live Performer – JC

JC will perform her new hit song.

Yo-Yo is a Grammy nominated American hip-hop artist, actress, and entrepreneur. Much of Yo-Yo’s music advocates for female empowerment and denouncing the frequent sexism and misogyny in hip-hop music.




Student Competition

Students will perform and compete for prizes.




Student competition prizes.